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We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialities.


Fine Concert Tuning

  • Competitive pricing
  • Precision tuning to Concert A-440 pitch
  • Detailed attention
  • Family training began with the White House Tuner
  • Minor repairs FREE of cost

      St. Louis Piano Co. piano tuners have extensive technical knowledge of pianos and we believe every piano should be tuned as if it were being used for a concert.  To assure continued enjoyment and to protect your investment, regular servicing of your piano is required.  The piano is made primarily of wood, which is affected by climatic changes.  Even if your piano is not being used regularly, changes in humidity result in the swelling and contracting of the wood, resulting in constant increases and decreases of string tension, thereby continually changing the pitch of each wire, and the overall tuning.  The proper string tension must be constantly maintained.  The manufacturer recommended tuning interval for most pianos is every six months.
     You will have and maintain the best tone quality from your piano when it is tuned on a consistent basis.  When a number of years pass between tunings, the pitch drops, often far enough that two or more tunings will be necessary to restore the pitch to the proper level of Concert A-440 pitch.
     It is often our practice to bring the pitch back up to normal over the course of several tunings, particularly when it has dropped a step or more.  Raising the pitch too far in one tuning may result in broken strings. In this case, it is impossible to give a fine quality tuning, as the pitch will continually slip until the strings stabilize.  We recommend "easing up" to Concert Pitch over the course of several tunings.
     The customer must understand that one piano "tuning" will not suffice when the piano has not been tuned for a number of years.  In this instance it is always our custom to inform the customer at the outset that at least two tunings will be necessary.  The first tuning brings the pitch up and stretches the wires, and the second tuning will be a finer tuning.  I always recommend as much use as possible during the interim, which is usually a couple of months.   This use will further stretch and set the strings for the next tuning.  The initial tuning is, in reality, the foundation for a "fine tuning."
     A Dampp-Chaser System should be installed in cases where there is a noticeable fluctuation of humidity and dryness. The system will maintain an average humidity of about 42%.  The Dampp-Chaser System is controlled by a humidistat. The system acts as both a humidifier and a dehumidifier.  This installation will prolong the life of the piano and also enable the piano to stay in tune longer.
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